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by Farhana

Who am I?

Hello, I am Farhana, the recipe creator, writer, photographer, videographer, editor and designer behind Mommy and Kitchen.

I was born and grew up in Pakistan (Islamabad) and by ethnicity I am Pukhtoon (from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). I am currently residing in Germany with my husband and little daughter.

I am a software engineer by profession but a food blogger by passion. I also hold a master’s degree in Engineering Management.

Being career oriented I always wanted to pursue my career in my studied field but after the birth of my child my perception changed and gave me a better opportunity to set up this blog.

My personal cooking journey:

I used to bake a lot before marriage, hence the recipes of cakes, pizzas, brownies etc were on my fingertips but when it came to cooking, I could barely cook a few simple dishes and knew nothing about even the simple spices. Cooking rice was always a nightmare for me. Whenever I would attempt to cook biryani back home, my mother would handle the rice part.

But during the past few years I learnt to cook almost every dish independently. The finest and easy recipes on this blog are the results of my hit and trials. My husband (who is a very good cook) is also my best critique. I started my food blog with his encouragement in 2019 to share all the hacks I learnt the hard way.

With this blog I aim to provide simple yet delicious recipes with healthy tweaks wherever possible and all the tips and tricks with step-by-step instructions to save your time in the kitchen.

The main focus of this blog?

While looking after my family, I aim to provide valuable content as a positive contribution to the society through my blog.

While living abroad and taking care of your family without having domestic help, it gets very difficult to cook every day hence I am a very big fan of batch cooking. This way you stay focused on healthy eating and not get tempted towards takeaways or eating out so often. I share all the tips and tricks for freezing the meals on this blog and almost all my recipes are freezer friendly.

I try to avoid processed food or ingredients, especially the ones with long lists of ingredients, I can neither pronounce nor spell. I use simple and easily available ingredients in my recipes.

I firmly believe on sharing the content in simple way possible to help people and especially busy moms. That’s why the slogan of my blog is ‘Cooking is Easy’, which simply means working efficiently and smartly in the kitchen.

I really love experimenting around the kitchen and try to recreate everything that one can get in a restaurant, much healthier and much tastier. I always try the recipes few times before finalizing them and when I am completely satisfied, I publish them on my website.

I set up Mommy and Kitchen in 2019 as a way to share easy, delicious, fuss free, kids friendly recipes and meal planning tips. The main focus of my blog is on easy recipes for busy days, festive recipes, and free meal plans. You’ll find recipes from Pakistan and all around the world on this blog with as simplest instructions as possible.

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