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How To Make a Mango Rose (Mango Rosette)

by Farhana

Have you ever seen a pretty rose made from mango flesh? The mango roses or mango flowers are unique and attractive. They might look difficult to make but believe me, they are pretty easy to make. Don’t worry if your mango rose doesn’t come out completely perfect. It’ll still look decent.

Mango Rose

In this post, I’ve included step-by-step pictorial instructions on how to make a mango rose, mango rosette, or mango flower. These mango flowers will make your desserts unforgettable. Do give these mango rosettes or mango roses a try and make your simple desserts an enticing treat for your loved ones. Check out the post below, I am sure it’ll be of some benefit to you.

Mango Rosette

What kind of mangoes should I use to make mango rose

You can use any kind of mangoes. Just make sure to use ripe but firm mangoes otherwise you’ll not get the perfect flowers.

Pakistani Honey Mangoes are the best to use for desserts. Let me tell you something, if you haven’t tried Pakistani mangoes yet, you are missing out! Mangoes are known as the king of fruits in Pakistan. Pakistani mangoes are extremely sweet, pulpy, juicy, and rich in flavor and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They have deep golden flesh with thinner skins which turn yellow and wrinkle slightly when ripe. Because of their sweet taste, and enticing aroma, they are popular all over the globe. Pakistani Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Dasheri, Sindhri, and Langra are my absolute favorite.

Mango Roses

Also, check the detailed method for cutting mangoes to get perfect mango cubes and get the most flesh out every time.

What you’ll need to make these mango rosettes

You’ll just need two things to make pretty mango flowers: a sharp knife and a cutting board. Or use a big plate instead of a cutting board.

Mango Flowers

How to make mango flowers

It’s recommended to soak the mangoes in water for at least 25 to 30 minutes before eating. Keeping them soaked in water helps reduce their heat and helps prevent acne, headaches, nausea, constipation, and other gut issues.

Step 1:

Gently wash the mangoes under running water and pat them dry. Once dried, peel them.

How To Make Mango Flowers

Step 2:

Using a sharp knife, cut two sides of your mangoes off of the pit. This will yield 3 pieces: two parallel slices called the cheeks and a middle piece that includes the pit.

Make A Mango Flower

Use the mango flesh from the center piece (around the pit) to make mango lassi or mango kulfi.

Step 3:

Slice each mango cheek into thin and uniform slices of about 2 to 3 mm thickness.

Make A Mango Rose

Step 4:

Gently shape each one of the sliced-up cheeks into a long overlapping row and then curl the row carefully into a flower shape.

Flower Using Mango

Step 5:

Now carefully lift your mango flower with a spatula and use it to decorate your desserts.

Rose Using Mango Slices

One mango will yield you two mango roses. Make as many flowers as you want for your desserts and enjoy!

Mango Flower For Desserts

Mango desserts you’ll love!

My favorite mango desserts are:

Mango Flower


How can I make a mango rose of a big size?

When you make a mango flower or mango rose of a bigger size than your lifting spatula, it will certainly break or deform but the good news is that you can also freely make the mango rose in a bigger size directly over your desserts or cakes.

Start by tightly rolling a mango strip into a spiral and place it on your dessert. This becomes the center of the rose. Then continue wrapping more pieces around the center until you create a mango rose of your desired size.

For a nice shape use the smaller pieces for the center part of your rose and the larger pieces for the outer petals so that the outer part of your rose also has some dimension.

Can I make a rose using other fruits and vegetables?

Yes, you can make an avocado rose, strawberry rose, kiwi rose, cucumber rose, beetroot rose, carrot rose, or radish rose using the same method. Just make thinner petals and roll them up to pretty roses according to the above instructions.

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Mango Rosettes

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